Artificial Intelligence Layers

Lesson of  “Raise Confidence” (Artificial Intelligence - Part 2)

There are three main structures of artificial intelligence.It’s about database (big data) configuration, inputting data and searching data. Database is needed as knowledge base, a priori knowledge. Further we need a step of how we input data. There is textual data or visual data. Finally, we need search activity.

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VektoQual Artificial Intelligence (White Paper)

Basically, artificial intelligence is artificial system behave intelligently. There are lot of various methods around this. And mostly those involves grammatical approach, ESA, Bayesian, AHP and so forth. Those are good and have good reputation helping human to make a decision closer to be categorized as wise decision.

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Do we have the ability to see the world as Neo did in The Matrix?

It’s possible as noted on Sufism or Budhism

  • A particular state of life with God, through God, in God, and for God. Please refer to “Baqaa external link (opens in new window)
  • Or we can refer to Mahasamadhi, but i am not sure if mahasamadhi involves real death or it’s just entering full enlightement, entering non duality or even higher (not death literally ).
  • Logically it could be understood as giving us chance to see outside universe.